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So, I decided to become just a bit stupid. Just a little bit. Took a couple of Jack Bauer jokes, replaced them with Makmende. I’m still trying to understand what’s planted this in my head.

  1. After eating garlic Makmende doesn’t smell like garlic but garlic smells like Makmende.
  2. The only reason you’re conscious right now is because Makmende doesn’t want to carry you.
  3. Makmende can look at your photo and know you are lying.
  4. Nobody knows what would happen if Chuck Norris and Makmende met, but one thing is for sure: Makmende would still be standing.
  5. Always look before you leap. Unless Makmende is chasing you. Then you had better just jump.
  6. Makmende refused a syringe at a blood bank. Instead, he asked for a gun and a bucket.
  7. Makmende found Bin Laden. Let him go, and found him again for his own amusement.
  8. Makmende doesn’t drink honey. He chews bees.
  9. Makmende doesn’t have nightmares. Nightmares have Makmende.
  10. Makmende and Superman once had a fight. They bet that whoever lost would wear his underwear outside his pants.
  11. If Makmende was Spartan in the movie 300, the movie would be called 1.
  12. Makmende doesn’t need a translator. Pain sounds the same in every language.
  13. The Boogieman checks his closet for Makmende.
  14. The Dinosaurs laughed at Makmende…
  15. Makmende has been to Mars. Why do you think there’s no life on Mars?
  16. The truth hurts. Not as much as Makmende.

And here’s the new video to ‘Ha-He’, off Just-A-Band’s album, ’82′.

Who is Makmende? Makmende is the lead character, a mean, ass-kicking character, in the video to ‘Ha-He’. The 1970’s themed video was created as a parody of the Jack Bauers and all those characters that would survive almost anything. Directed by Jim Chuchu and Mbithi Masya for Just A Band.

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  • Adam Jimenz

    Seems like an amalgamation of his styles from Requiem, Pi and the Fountain (the highly intricate trippy visuals) with the hand held camera work of The Wrestler.

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